Our Mission

With an understanding of the toxic effects brought about by extractive and globalist technological enterprises — we commit to enable and encourage localized technological ecosystems by ensuring the direct accessibility of tools to communities they may benefit.

R&D Stage


The Cost of Renewable Energy Storage

Lithium batteries are the cornerstone of many energy storage technologies — from cell phone batteries to electric vehicles. At the beginning of the battery lifecycle, the process of extracting lithium is often harmful to the environment and the rights of indigenous people. The end of the battery lifecycle is also harmful, with depleted cells shipped across the globe to be processed and recycled.

Promoting Local Reuse

In order to reduce the overall environmental impact of lithium cells, we’re working on developing affordable and intuitive systems that will enable local testing and reuse of lithium cells. The current available solutions are either expensive enough that only large corporations can undertake them, or they are DIY systems that are unable to scale well. By developing a more robust and affordable solution we hope to create a more sustainable model for lithium cell reuse.

Our Services

In the five years it has been operating, Heartfelt Tech has developed a wide array of professional services for existing partners who align with our mission.

Integration Engineering

We’re experts at getting systems talking to one another, from legacy on-premises equipment to RESTful services and high-volume message queues.

Web Services

We offer domain portfolio management and turnkey hosting services.

Update on Professional Services

In order to dedicate our time and effort to our social initiatives, we’re no longer accepting new clients for most services.

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